LaDot Temporary Tattoo's terms and conditions


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    1. These terms and conditions apply to all offers from LaDot cosmetics
    2. The terms and conditions are open and accessible to anyone and published on the website of
    3. By placing an order you agree to the delivery and payment terms and conditions.
    4. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the general or specific terms or conditions of third parties are not recognized by LaDot cosmetics.
    5. LaDot cosmetics ensures that the delivered product or service is equal to the agreement and that it meets with the specifications listed in the offer.
    1. Delivery takes place as long as the products are in stock.
    2. The delivery time to an address in the Benelux is 2-3 working-days in most cases, in other counties the delivery can take up to 7 working day’s. If the order hasn't been delivered to you within 30 days, you have the right to cancel your purchase. This doesn't apply in case we agreed on a different delivery period with you.
    3. All of the on the website mentioned terms are indicative.
    4. The LaDot cosmetics reserves the right, if wanted, to not supply any goods to the customer.
    1. All prices are subject to misprints. LaDot cosmetics is not liable for the consequences of misprints.
    2. All our prices are in euros and VAT 21% included unless you have a valid VAT number.
    1. If you want to cancel your order, you can do this free of charge as long as the order has not been shipped. To cancel an order you have to send an email to: If the order has been shipped, and you still want to cancel it, than you will have to pay the shipping costs for returning the goods to us. We will also charge the shipping costs made to send the order to the customer. It is not possible to return a personalized product. Cancellation of a personalized product is only possible until it is engraved.
    1. if you place an order with LaDot cosmetics your data will be included in the customer database of LaDot cosmetics. LaDot cosmetics adheres to the data protection act and will not provide your data to any third parties. Please see our Privacy Policy.
    2. LaDot cosmetics respects the privacy of the users of the internet site and assume a confidential treatment of your personal information.
    3. LaDot cosmetics makes use of a mailing list in some cases. Each mailing contains instructions to remove yourself from this list.
    1. LaDot cosmetics warrants that the goods that are supplied by it, meet the requirements of usability, reliability and durability as intended by the parties to the contract reasonably and therefore is responsible for the manufacturer of the product delivered to you.
    2. The warranty of LaDot cosmetics matches the manufacturer's warranty period. LaDot cosmetics is never responsible for the ultimate suitability of the goods for each individual application by the customer, nor for any advice regarding the use or application of the goods.
    3. The customer is obliged to check the goods. : immediately upon receipt of if, if it appears that the delivered item are incorrect, inadequate or incomplete, then the customer (before proceeding to return to LaDot cosmetics) synthesis defects: immediately notify LaDot cosmetics in writing. Any defects or faulty goods should and can look up to 2 months after delivery to LaDot cosmetics to be notified in writing. Return of goods must be in original packaging (including accessories and documentation) and in new condition. Initial operation after detection of failure, damage occurring after detection of failure, encumbrance and / or sale after detection of failure, does the right to complain and return void.
    1. All images and data used on our website give a good impression of the products, but if a product differs slightly in any way, this cannot be a reason for cancelation of the agreement.
    1. LaDot cosmetics is not liable, if and in so far as its obligations cannot be met as a result of force majeure.
    2. force majeure means each strange cause, as well as each circumstance, which in fairness not to come. Delay or default by our suppliers, failures in the Internet, disruptions in the electricity, disruptions in mail traffic and disturbances or changes in technology supplied by third parties, transportation difficulties, strikes, Government measures, delays in the supply, omissions of suppliers and/or manufacturers of LaDot cosmetics and help people, illness of personnel, or flaws in transport apply explicitly as force majeure.
    3. in case of force majeure LaDot cosmetics reserves the right to suspend its obligations and is also entitled to terminate the contract in whole or in part, or to claim that the content of the agreement is amended that execution remains possible. In no event shall held any fine or compensation.
    4. if at the time of the commencement of force majeure LaDot cosmetics part of its obligations has met, or is only partially meet its obligations they already delivered or the deliverable part shall be entitled to invoice separately and the customer is obliged to pay this invoice as if it were a separate contract. This shall not apply, however, if the part already delivered or deliverable has no independent value.
    1. LaDot cosmetics is not liable for damage caused to vehicles or other objects resulting from wrong use of the products.Read before using the directions on the package and/or consult our website.
    2. All agreements and transactions of LaDot cosmetics are subject to Dutch Law.